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In recent weeks, we have received thousands of applications for financial assistance from charitable organization ADRA Ukraine.
Due to the fact that we receive up to 10,000 applications per day, we are not able to accept and process all requests at once, the process of processing and filling out of applications takes time.

ADRA Ukraine team is sincerely grateful to you for your understanding. Today we answer a number of questions that most often come to hotline operators.

1. How to apply for assistance from ADRA Ukraine?

Applications are accepted only through the hotline, please, call any of numbers and wait for an answer of the operator. Applications are not accepted through chatbots, e-mails and social messengers.

2. Do I fit the criteria of the program for financial assistance?

The program criteria are the following:
– families with children who are on the territory of hostilities or have left this territory, large families, orphans and semi-orphans;
– pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding;
– women or men who support a family on their own;
– persons over 50 years old with disabilities;
– persons with disabilities/chronic diseases/injuries as a result of hostilities.

3. Which regions and cities can apply for financial assistance?

Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Luhansk, Donetsk, Zhytomyr, Zaporizhzhia, Chernihiv and their regions.

4. I can’t reach hotline operators, can a hotline operator call me on their own?

Unfortunately, due to heavy workload, hotline operators can only receive incoming calls and interact with them in the future.

5. When a hotline operator has accepted my application by phone, where should I send my documents?

Please, send a copy of your documents to the chatbot in Viber or Telegram. A direct link is available on our website
Enter your full name and phone number.

List of documents:
Copy/photo of documents of EACH family member (1st and 2nd pages of the passport and residence permit; identification code; birth certificate; document confirming your vulnerability criteria).
If you have a passport of a new format, a copy/photo of both sides of the card and an annex with a residence permit).

6. I have sent a copy of the documents to the chatbot, but no one has answered me and the message is not marked as read. Have the documents reached you?

Don’t worry, the documents will be automatically pulled into the database when your request is processed. The message does not have to be marked as read.
If hotline operators have additional questions, they will call you by themselves.

7. How long should I wait after applying for assistance?

Unfortunately, hotline operators do not have this information. The process of processing and approving each request takes some time, it is difficult to tell the exact date.

8. How will I know that my application has been approved?

In case of approval, you will receive an SMS notification about the accrual of funds, 6,660 UAH for each registered person.

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