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Thanks to the project on social transportation in cooperation with the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, a social trip organized by ADRA Ukraine due to which people with disabilities were transported to the clinical sanatorium “Roshcha” in the settlement of Pisochyn, Kharkiv region, for treatment and rehabilitation, took place. In addition, another group of people was transported from the sanatorium to their homes in Lozova settlement.

In total, since February 2022, thanks to this project, almost 3000 people with disabilities have received transport support. Over the past seven months, more than 22,000 people have used free social trips, and more than 5000 people have been evacuated. This activity goes on.

Residents of Buryn in Sumy region that was affected by the strong wind, have received 150 food kits from ADRA Ukraine with a total weight of 17 kg. The assistance was provided within the framework of the project with the support of the World Food Program.

During the entire duration of the project, this type of assistance covered 12 regions of Ukraine, as of today, 1,289,848 food kits of various purposes have been distributed.

Thanks to the projects of ADRA Ukraine, implemented in cooperation with UNICEF, residents of Druzhkivka and Mariinka, Donetsk region, receive drinking water and hygiene means. Recently, assistance has also been provided to Izium in Kharkiv region, where about 21,000 liters of drinking water have been delivered. In total, 287,370 liters of bottled water have been delivered during the entire project implementation period.

In addition, within the framework of the project, volunteers have distributed about 10,000 hygiene kits in 12 regions of Ukraine and reached more than 23,000 people.

Food kits with basic food products and personal hygiene means from ADRA Ukraine have been distributed in settlements in Kherson region — Krasnivka, Svobodne, Kamianka, Pryhiria, Kochubeivka. 1,200 food kits have been distributed at the rate of one food kit per family. The assistance is provided thanks to the support of ADRA Slovakia.

In general, since the beginning of the project in cooperation with ADRA Slovakia, about 63,488 people in need have already received such food assistance in various regions of Ukraine.

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