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From December 5, “Children helping Children” project that is held annually at the initiative of the charitable organization ADRA Ukraine, will start in Kyiv. Its purpose is to give a little happiness and attention to children affected by the military conflict and in need of special support.

Anyone who wants can participate in this project. All you have to do is to pick up an empty gift box at one of ADRA’s gift collection points, fill it with items that are valuable for children, and bring it back by December 20. After that, these gifts will be sent through volunteers of the organization to de-occupied territories of the country, where they will be distributed to children.

According to the organizers, such an initiative will help to bring back happy moments of childhood to children, which were forgotten after the start of the war in the country. “We must remind them of happiness, warm them with our love and not leave them alone in such difficult life circumstances. I want to bring every child back to those days when they were happy and carefree. In fact, it is very easy to give one happy moment. And everyone can do it,” says Maksym Buga, the curator of the project in Kyiv.

The collection of gifts in Kyiv will last until December 20, and on December 25, “happiness boxes” will be delivered to de-occupied territories of Ukraine.

Addresses of collection points in Kyiv:
A) Lukianivska Str., 9/10A, contact phone number: +38 (099) 674 62 59
B) Larysy Rudenko, 3A, contact phone number: +38 (099) 674 62 84
C) Ivana Mykytenko, 20A, contact phone number: +38 (099) 674 62 13

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