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Since the beginning of the war, unfortunately, the number of cases of fraudsters misappropriating the funds of Ukrainians, using schemes of pretending to provide cash payments, has not decreased. Below there is information about some of them:
• Dissemination of messages about the possibility of receiving financial assistance from state programs, international organizations or foundations. Fraudsters offer to follow links that lead to decoy sites, similar to real ones, where links to phishing resources, stylized as the pages of well-known Ukrainian banks, are posted. On such pages, you need to log in and enter your phone number, pin code, internet banking password, and SMS code from the bank. Entered data becomes automatically known to fraudsters.
• There may also be situations when fraudsters create pages in social networks where they offer to send humanitarian aid and ask to pay for delivery.
• Remember, if someone offers to receive cash assistance through a chatbot or pay a government fee to receive assistance, this is a scam.

In order not to get caught by fraudsters, please, follow these rules:
1. Get information only from official sources. If you have applied for assistance, please, wait for a notification about deposit in your bank’s application or on the portal or in “Diia” application.
2. Don’t follow questionable hyperlinks.
3. Keep in secret the following information:
• three-digit number on the back of the card;
• card pin code;
• login and password for Internet banking;
• codes of banks and mobile operators.
4. Do not enter payment card details on unfamiliar and suspicious websites.

Please, use the following links and sites to check information:
• “STOP FRAUD” Cyber ​​Police service:
• EMA Association CheckMyLink service:

IMPORTANT! The fraud scheme may be new or well-disguised. Therefore, in addition to checking the site on the Cyber ​​Police website in “STOP FRAUD” section and CheckMyLink service, please, also conduct your own check.

If you have become a victim of fraud, please, fill out the feedback form on the Cyber ​​Police website:
More information about payment security rules is available on the website #FraudGoodbye:

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