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Published On: 03.04.2022
Published On: 03.04.2022

Ladies and Gentlemen!
In recent days, we have received thousands of new applications for financial assistance from ADRA Ukraine, many of them from citizens who are not covered by the fund’s program.
The action of processing them takes time, during which the form for new applications will not work.
The work will be resumed in the nearest future, so we ask you to be understanding of these processes and please follow the latest information on our official website
We also remind you of the program’s criteria for receiving material assistance to vulnerable groups of the population and ask you to refuse submiting applications from those citizens who do not meet the requirements of the fund’s program participants.
– families with children who are or have left the territory of hostilities, large families, orphans and semi orphans);
– pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding;
– women or men who support their families on their own;
– over 50 years old with special needs;
– persons with disabilities / chronic diseases / injuries as a result of hostilities;
– persons who have lost income and do not have access to basic needs (water, food, housing, etc.);
– persons who have experienced gender-based violence or discrimination.
Thank you for understanding!

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