Categories: NewsPublished On: 13.10.2022

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Assistance to medical institutions is an important area of ​​work of ADRA Ukraine. With the support of ADRA Norway and caring citizens of Norway, we have managed to purchase vital medical devices – vacuum apparatuses that treat the most complex traumatic wounds and burns.

Patients have a chance to recover in a short time, which contributes to their early rehabilitation. This is especially relevant now, in the conditions of martial law in the country…
Unlike other medical devices, vacuum apparatuses allow a person to effectively treat complex wounds and rarely make bandages. The process of rehabilitation of a severely injured person is accelerated by almost three times!

It is almost impossible to buy vacuum apparatuses in Ukraine. Thus, this assistance has become extremely important and necessary for hospitals and seriously injured patients.
ADRA will continue to provide medical institutions with everything they need. We are sure that together we will be able to save more than one human life!

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