Categories: NewsPublished On: 27.09.2023

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Humanitarians in Ukraine are updating the monthly amount of the multi-purpose cash assistance provided to the most vulnerable people impacted by the war. From 1 October, each person will receive UAH 3,600, an increase from UAH 2,220 that had been provided until now.

Increased prices of essential commodities and the overall cost of living – due to the war-ravaged economy – prompted aid organizations to revise the monthly amount. This is to ensure people receiving the assistance will continue to have resources to meet their most immediate needs. Humanitarians are committed to revising this value regularly, given the evolving situation due to the war in Ukraine.

Different organizations providing cash assistance might change the amount at different times. However, all have agreed on the updated transfer amount and committed to doing their best to switch to it as soon as possible.

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