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📍 Within the framework of the project on provision of food assistance in Ternopil, 240 food and hygiene kits have been distributed to internally displaced persons and their families. The event was held due to ADRA Ukraine project with the support of ADRA Slovakia. The distribution of kits was coordinated in cooperation with the local self-government and reached more than 700 people. In total, with the support of ADRA Slovakia, since the beginning of the project, more than 16,640 families in Ukraine have already received this type of food assistance.

📍 The direction of financial assistance is realized within several projects at once. In particular, the stage of direct payments of financial assistance based on approved applications for current projects is currently underway. During the previous week, 1,800 people received assistance that amounts to a total of UAH 11,988,000. As of today, more than 18,000 people have already received financial assistance.

📍 This week in Kyiv, psychologists of ADRA Ukraine have conducted another of the planned meetings for parents and children in the form of a thematic holiday. More than 100 people have attended the meeting. The participants attended an open-air lecture where psychologists conducted mini-training sessions on stabilizing the emotional state, relieving anxiety and regulating emotions. A play area with animators was organized for children.

Over the past week, within the framework of DANIDA project, psychological support was provided to 448 new people, including women, men, people of retirement age and children. There were group and individual meetings, seminars, an evening with a psychologist in zoom, a YouTube broadcast, trainings using art therapy. In total, more than 4,000 people have already received psychological support since the beginning of the project.

📍 Evacuation of the civilian population from hot spots and transportation of people from the evacuation point in Zaporizhzhia continue functioning, social transportation is in operation. The project on social transportation and evacuation, financed by the Humanitarian Fund for Ukraine, has reached new heights. Today, 40 social routes are functioning. About 15,000 people have used the services of ADRA carriers, including social transportation — more than 11,660 people, evacuation services — more than 3,180 people.

Published On: 05.08.2022

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