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Food kits have been distributed in Izium with the support of ADRA Slovakia. Thanks to the prompt interaction of volunteers and employees of ADRA Ukraine, 1,320 food kits have been distributed at the rate of one food kit per family. The food kit, with a total weight of 15 kg, consists of basic food products, including canned goods, cereals, pasta, oil, personal hygiene means and others. This assistance has been provided to about 4,000 people.

Izium was isolated for a long time and was in a critical humanitarian situation because of the lack of operating enterprises and institutions, therefore food assistance for residents of this city is vital.

Since the first days of the military conflict, people affected by the war have been able to receive assistance in the form of food packages thanks to the support of ADRA Slovakia. In total, about 60,600 people in need have already received such assistance since the beginning of the project.

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