Categories: NewsPublished On: 22.12.2022

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Immediately, 11 settlements of the Territorial Community of Cherkaske settlement were without public transport as a result of hostilities. Thus, more than 6,000 residents lost access to basic infrastructure – medical and administrative facilities, shops, etc., located in other communities.

The charitable organization ADRA Ukraine responded to the request of the head of the territorial community and provides social transportation of its residents in several directions within the region.

Social trips are especially important for residents of those regions where there is no way to solve urgent issues due to the destruction of infrastructure while transportation options for people also remain limited.

Assistance is provided within the framework of Lifesaving Evacuation, Assistance and Protection (LEAP) project with the support of the Canadian government. In addition to social transportation, this large-scale project also includes such areas as financial assistance, evacuation (including people with reduced mobility) and psychological support.

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