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Three projects are implemented currently
•Humanitarian transportation & logistics – ADRA Czech Republic (evacuation of people from hot spots).
•”Hope For Ukraine” Project.
•The Project on social transportation and evacuation with the support of UHF and ADRA Ukraine helps citizens with evacuation and access to vital infrastructure.

Food aid
•Network project supported by ADRA Slovakia (distribution of food kits for families).
•Food aid with the support of ADRA Czech Republic is delivered to collective centers, hubs, volunteer organizations.
•Emergency food aid Project supported by WFP and ADRA Ukraine. More than 10 regions receive tons of fresh bread and other products.
•Within the framework of “Hope For Ukraine” Project, food products are delivered to villages, hard-to-reach places.
•With the support of UNICEF and ADRA Ukraine, drinking water is delivered, in particular, to the settlements of Donetsk region. As part of the project, IDPs receive hygiene kits and children receive early development kits.

Psychological assistance
•DANIDA project, ADRA Ukraine provides free psychological assistance to all victims of the war. 18 psychologists work online and offline.

Provision of Micro-Grants
•With the support of ADRA Japan and ADRA Ukraine, micro-grants have been provided to organizations or institutions that have initiated their own humanitarian aid projects. Benefactors are currently actively implementing 15 grant projects related to various types of assistance.

Provision of shelter
•ADRA Ukraine Collective Centers are shelters equipped for temporary and long-term residence. This area is developed due to several projects, in particular, “Hope For Ukraine” Project and Micro-Grants Project.

Financial assistance
•There are several projects in progress, the current ones have already covered the maximum possible number of people and payments are currently made, other several projects are to be launched in the near future.

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