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The training of ADRA Ukraine team took place within the framework of the WFP UN (UN World Food Programme) project. This powerful team has been providing food aid to millions of Ukrainians affected by the war for more than a year.

During the event, the participants discussed the following issues:
• security;
• protection from sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA);
• issues of gender violence;
• prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace.

The second part of the training was devoted to the prevention of professional burnout, which is especially relevant under the conditions of large-scale work of the WFP team, including in the frontline regions. The psychologist of the project supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany and ADRA Germany told how to cope with emotional exhaustion.

This training became another activity aimed at the constant improvement of the qualifications of ADRA Ukraine employees. Thanks to the specialists of the organization and invited experts, project coordinators and other team members constantly improve professionally and receive psychological support in order to continue helping people in difficult life circumstances.

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