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Published On: 05.04.2022
Published On: 05.04.2022

Today Bucha, Irpin and Gostomel have become symbols of grief, sorrow and despair for all mankind. The wounds of what I saw and heard will forever be in the hearts of those who witnessed these events. Those who have seen footage and photos with the consequences of these horrors at least once will never be indifferent. Unfortunately, there are many such cities and towns in which hostilities have continued or still continue to take place. We sincerely sympathize with everyone who has suffered and lost loved ones, who has been left without a roof over their heads and access to basic needs and forced to leave their native places. The worst thing is that, unfortunately, the war continues, and hundreds of thousands of people across the country remain vulnerable and disadvantaged.
The ADRA Ukraine team continues to provide humanitarian assistance to victims in most regions of Ukraine.

We believe that due to our joint efforts even more people will receive support in this difficult time!

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