Categories: NewsPublished On: 09.02.2023

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In almost a year of war, we learned to quickly rally and help our neighbors in need. The difficulties that you and I overcome every day have not made us indifferent to other people’s grief.

As of the morning of February 7, it is already known about at least 3,381 people died in Turkey, and about 20,840 people were injured. In Syria, at least 1,444 people died and about 3,500 people were injured. The earthquake destroyed about 3,400 buildings, including residential high-rise buildings. Rescue operations are underway to find people trapped under the rubble of thousands of buildings.

ADRA Ukraine announces fundraising to provide assistance to the affected residents of Turkey and Syria.

Every contribution, no matter how small, goes a long way in supporting thousands of victims and their families.

You can join the fundraising campaign at the following link:

It’s highly important to indicate the destination of the payment “Earthquake Victims”.

Regarding the results of fundraising and the assistance provided, please, follow the news on our pages in social networks and on the official website

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