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Providing assistance to the victims, every day we witness stories that do not leave us indifferent, and with people’s permission, we tell them to our readers.

Maria Ryvonenko lived with her husband and children in the eastern microdistrict of Mariupol. Like most Ukrainians, on February 24, they jumped up in their beds from loud explosions.

“My husband and I immediately ran to the hall, turned on the TV. There they reported that the war had started!”, Maria recalls.

A few days later, the Ryvonenkos gathered some things and went to the city center, thinking that it was calmer there. “No one knew that our city would be razed to the ground,” says Maria. – We thought we would stay for a couple of days. And, in the end, we were stuck there. Heavy shelling of the city began and it was almost impossible to get out anywhere.”

That was the last time they were in their own apartment. Already after evacuation, they knew that a projectile had hit their house.

The Ryvonenkos stayed with friends until March 7. They spent nights in the basement, on dirty boards with many neighbors: “There was nothing to eat, we were using all supplies. They were satisfied with one glass of water,” says Maria.

The family has two children, and the Ryvonenkos understood that it was necessary to save them first. But they didn’t know where to go because there were roadblocks, mines, and military equipment everywhere. “Suddenly, a neighbor from our house came to the basement and said that you could get through. We quickly got children into the car and went after him.”

Through the fields and impassable roads, they managed to get to Berdiansk. Maria says that it was a miracle that they stayed alive because they were driving under fire and almost ran into landmines several times.

Only after some time, having traveled all over Ukraine, Maria and her children were able to evacuate to Germany. According to the woman, now it is very difficult to find temporary shelter or permanent housing in Germany because everything is already overcrowded. Now they are safe, but unfortunately they will not be able to return to their native home. Everything they had and loved turned into ruins.

ADRA Ukraine organization has provided the family with initial financial assistance that they spent on clothes, food, and transportation.

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