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An event dedicated to the 30th anniversary of ADRA Norway was held recently, attended by more than 500 partners from all over the world.

Artem Dikhtiaruk and Oleksandr Dikhtiaruk, ADRA Ukraine representatives, thanked their partners from Norway on behalf of every resident of Ukraine who received help. After all, from the first days of the full-scale invasion, ADRA Norway showed its concern and provided significant support, both morally – showing compassion and concern, as well as physically and materially. The Norwegian partners were in touch with us every day, and we were sure that we were not left alone with the problem.

During the event, our representatives also received feedback on cooperation from partners who noted the professionalism of ADRA Ukraine team and high standards of work that our organization adheres to.

In addition, as part of the working visit to Norway, a meeting was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where representatives of ADRA and the government discussed the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, current challenges, future projects and plans for the new financial year. They also talked about the most urgent needs that the population of Ukraine faces today, in particular, about activities related to the restoration and development of the affected territories.

Special attention was paid to issues concerning provision of assistance to the regions that were freed from occupation. Using the example of Kherson, our representatives spoke about the fact that the organization was one of the first in the city to provide assistance to residents after de-occupation. It is important that the partners heard about the problems of these territories not just from eyewitnesses of the events, but directly from people who themselves were under occupation.

They also talked about the experience of cooperation with other foreign donors and such areas of assistance as installation of water purification systems, evacuation of the population, provision of psychological support, etc.

Representatives of ADRA Ukraine also expressed their sincere gratitude to all partners of ADRA Network in a number of countries, as well as ADRA International for continuous assistance since the beginning of the full-scale war and support for the entire affected population of Ukraine, in particular the most vulnerable categories of people.

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