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The City of Goodness shelter in Chernivtsi is a center for children and women facing difficult life circumstances. The shelter offers support to survivors of domestic violence and war, those in need of treatment and rehabilitation, or those living below the poverty line and striving to develop for the sake of their children. ADRA Ukraine provides financial assistance to this shelter as part of the LEAP project supported by Government of Canada. Since the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on June 21, 2023, the charitable organization has transferred UAH 5,643,171 to the City of Goodness.

Thanks to these funds, the shelter has paid the utilities bills (electricity and garbage collection) and salaries to 21 employees (the administrative team and those who directly care for the young residents of the “City of Goodness”). Using these funds, the shelter has also procured household equipment and kitchen utensils, detergents and hygiene products. The residents of the City of Good are provided with food (meat products, fish, hard cheese, vegetables, fruits, herbs, cereals, seasonings, cookies, biscuits, lactose-free food). The shelter has also paid for fuel for a vehicle used to travel to buy groceries, bring children to school and hospitals and respond to other essential needs.

As the shelter team puts it, every hryvnia transferred by ADRA Ukraine is a new opportunity to implement large-scale projects and maintain daily hard work. “Behind every life saved is the organizational and daily routine work supported by the charity. This guarantees continuous support for those who need help the most, so we can timely respond to their needs and actually make difference in the society.”

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