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Over 100 girls with developmental disabilities live in the Polyvanivka Psychoneurological Boarding School in the Dnipro Region. On March 9, psychologists of the LEAP project, implemented by ADRA Ukraine with the support of the Government of Canada and ADRA Canada, visited the institution. They facilitated workshops for the residents of the orphanage and congratulated them on March 8, giving them a good mood and pleasant impressions.

Together with the girls, the project specialists made spring-themed crafts, namely vases with flowers (the templates were prepared in advance, with more than 1,100 flowers and 117 vases). The residents of the orphanage have intellectual and physical disabilities, so they cannot make such an artwork on their own, as they meet the standards of a 2-3 year-old child. But each of them wanted to take part in the creation of a vase with flowers, so the guests from ADRA Ukraine made their work as easy as possible.

While the workshop held psychologist Lolita Geta was taking place, where the girls were making crafts, another psychologist Yulia Nesvitska facilitated various games and exercises with the girls, also adapted to the intellectual and physical abilities of the boarding school residents.

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