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On April 2, representatives of the UN World Food Program team, which is implemented in partnership with ADRA Ukraine (with the support of ADRA Switzerland), met with the head of the Vilkhuvata community in Kupiansk District, Kharkiv Region, Mr. Yevhen Shapoval. The purpose of the meeting was to address the humanitarian crisis, taking into account the security situation. In addition, ADRA Ukraine has brought 1,400 food parcels from WFP to the village of Prykolotne, and is now planning to distribute them to the residents in the near future.

Since the Vilkhuvata community is located in the area of intense shellfire, the delivery of humanitarian aid to its residents requires additional security measures and coordination between volunteers and the local administration. The distribution schedule will be agreed with the community leader. In the event of heavy shellfire, the delivery may be suspended for several days.

Today, about 2,000 people are staying in the community. These are mostly people of retirement age, who survive only thanks to their gardens and humanitarian aid. Now these people receive monthly food kits and fresh bread from WFP on a weekly basis.

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