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Her statement was published on the website of the United Nations in Ukraine on August 14th in response to the escalation of strikes in the Southern part of Ukraine, including Kherson and Odesa Region. Denise Brown emphasizes that indiscriminate attacks continue to impact civilians and civilian infrastructure across Ukraine. According to her, “the attacks also affected humanitarians and our capacity to support those suffering the consequences of the war”. In particular, she referred to the incident in Beryslav on August 11th: “On Friday, our colleagues from the NGO ADRA had to stop the much-needed distribution of vital items after their warehouse and cars were damaged due to shelling in the Kherson region”.

“Civilians and civilian infrastructure must be respected – they should never be a target”, the Humanitarian Coordinator emphasized.

Read more about Russian drone attack against ADRA Ukraine’s warehouse in Beryslav on the charitable organization’s website.

Ms. Denise Brown is a Canadian Senior UN official and the current Head of the United Nations in Ukraine, the Humanitarian Coordinator (since 2022). “Ms. Brown has held different leadership positions for the UN in the fields of humanitarian coordination, peacekeeping, emergency preparedness, and regional coordination, in both headquarters and field locations. Her work has covered Afghanistan, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Haiti, Iraq, Kenya, Niger, and Somalia. She also served in headquarters and regional offices in Dakar, Rome, and New York” (Wikipedia).

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