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On December 5, “Children helping Children” project that is held annually at the initiative of ADRA Ukraine, started in Kyiv. Everyone can pick up an empty gift box at one of ADRA’s gift collection points, fill it with items of value for children and bring it back by December 20. After that, these gifts will be sent to de-occupied territories of the country, where they will be distributed to children affected by the military conflict.

Last week, volunteers of ADRA Ukraine with the support of the UN World Food Program finally provided food assistance to the residents of Nevskyi settlement in Luhansk region, where shelling continues and a large number of residential buildings have been destroyed. Residents received 280 food kits of general purpose weighing 12.5 kg and 215 loaves of fresh bread.
Since the beginning of the project, residents of Luhansk region have received a total of 100,191 food kits.

ADRA Ukraine has delivered almost 7,000 bottles of drinking water to settlements in three regions of Ukraine. The project is implemented in partnership with ADRA Czech Republic with the financial support of “Atlas Copco”. For more than several months, drinking water has been delivered to the territory with a destroyed water supply system. As of today, drinking water has reached several regions at once, including Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson, and Kharkiv regions.

Within the framework of LEAP project, with the support of the Canadian government, transport assistance is provided in eight regions of Ukraine including evacuation of civilians from Kherson region and directly from Kherson. People of retirement age, people with disabilities and seriously ill people are among the evacuees. Despite the difficult circumstances, as of today, about 200 people have already been successfully evacuated and taken to the point of further transportation.

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