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Half a year has passed. Half a year since the start of the war on the territory of Ukraine. Every day and every minute, the number of victims of this disaster only increases. ADRA Ukraine strives to help everyone who really needs assistance… We provide assistance in the following areas: evacuation and social transportation, food assistance and provision of hygiene means, financial, psychological and informational assistance.

During 6 months of the activities, ADRA Ukraine has evacuated more than 30,000 people from hot spots and occupied territories.
About 15,000 people have been provided with transport and social transportation services.
As part of the food program from ADRA Ukraine, we have distributed more than 7 million loaves of bread. Over 800,000 people in need have received food kits for themselves and their families.

We have delivered 174000 liters of drinking water to regions of Ukraine with complex infrastructure.
137 million hryvnias have been transferred as financial assistance to the victims of the conflict. And more than 20000 people and their families have already received funds from ADRA Ukraine.
60,000 people have received temporary shelter from the organization.
Hospitals and seriously injured patients have received 15 tons of medical supplies from us.

In just half a year, more than half a million requests received by operators of the hotline of the organization have been processed. And we receive tens of thousands of such calls every day!

This is a part of what we do due to your support. Thank you for your trust! We work every day so that you can return to your normal life. Together we can do everything!

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