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Everything we perceive from our environment triggers an emotional response. For example, while to favorite music, watching a TV show or a movie, talking to our family and friends, we may experience joy, happiness, sadness, fear, anger, and upset. When someone experiences positive emotions, it encourages them to be pro-active and achieve more results.

In fact, it is worth remembering that all the feelings we experience are normal. Our emotions are the body’s natural response to the external circumstances. Still, people often tend to deny negative emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, dissatisfaction, despair, etc. But the fact is that positive and negative emotions affect our bodies, and we can observe our certain bodily reactions as a response to an emotion. If a person constantly experiences negative emotions, the body will also react to it. That is, if we are constantly stressed, depressed, and still refuse to acknowledge and notice it, the stress will drain our body’s resources affecting our energy and genial wellbeing. Sometimes we may even literally get sick. This is something referred to as “psychosomatic presentations”, when our emotional state starts to affect us at the bodily level. So why does this happen? One of the reasons is that many people fail to understand their emotions. Without understanding your emotions, you cannot regulate them. Therefore, in order to improve the situation, we suggest the following steps.

1. First of all, it is worthwhile to figure out what kind of emotions you are experiencing here and now and name them. Most of us have learned well since childhood that expressing our emotions is something wrong. However, it is crucial to understand them in order to respond to them properly, i.e. to efficiently regulate our emotions and channel the power of our emotions to promote our self-development.

2. Notice the areas of tension in your body, because our emotions often manifest at the bodily level.

3. Work with your body. Try to relax the tension. This way you will feel more control over your body, and then over your emotions, as well as over the situation in general.

4. Try doing some sports, enjoy some art, or just go for a walk. Enjoyable activities will bring new positive emotions and harmony to your life.

5. Don’t try to suppress negative emotions. It is better to understand them and use them as a driving force for new achievements.

Remember that we can’t just be happy. We are different and the world around us is diverse. All of our feelings are normal. Sometimes we may feel happy, nut sometimes we may also feel sad or angry. Allow yourself to embrace this diversity.

Tetiana Marchenko, ADRA Ukraine’s Psychologist

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