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Vera Mishchuk is a pensioner living in the city of Zhashkov, Uman district, Cherkasy region. She takes care of her son, who has the 1st group of disabilities. The woman turned for humanitarian aid to The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights. From there, the request was transferred to the charity organization ADRA Ukraine. Subsequently, ADRA Ukraine purchased for this woman the things needed to care for her disabled son: the family received an anti-bedsore pillow and hygiene materials.

Vera Mishchuk tells about her situation:

— I worked in medicine for 25 years, retired in 2002. I had 28 and a half years of experience. At that time, the total service required for retirement was 20 years. And I am 28. I thought that would be enough. And then a lot changed. When she retired, she began to receive the minimum possible value. Those who did not work had the same pension as mine. Because according to the current laws, I don’t have enough seniority…   And there is no normal pension, because there is no experience. This is such a closed circle. And in Zhashkov, I was got a little extra to my pension due to the fact that I take care of my son. Not much, from 50 to 100 UAH, but at least it was enough for milk. And two years ago they stopped paying me. We thought it was due to the war. And then I applied, and it turned out that the reason was different. I was told that the Treasury and Social Security “disbanded” and my son “dropped off the lists.” Because of these questions, I turned to the office of the Commissioner for Human Rights, and they forwarded my request for help to ADRA.

I received an anti-bedsore pillow and hygiene materials from ADRA. They made it much easier for me to take care of my son. He has trouble sitting, and the anti-decubitus pillow helps him sit comfortably. We also use hygienic products, diapers that give a feeling of dryness, the son does not lie down wet.

That was the pain I had. I didn’t turn to anyone, only to the Commissioner for Human Rights and your organization helped me. We get out of a difficult situation as best we can, people, acquaintances, and relatives help us. And for this help, I sincerely thank the Office of the Commissioner and, of course, ADRA!

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