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On March 28, the Conference Hall in Irpin, Kyiv Region, hosted the “Every Brick Counts” ceremony of recognition and gratitude for assistance in rebuilding the hero town of Irpin. During the ceremony, dedicated to the second anniversary of the city’s liberation, the Irpin community also acknowledged ADRA Ukraine, a charitable organization that participated in the reconstruction of damaged housing in the town and provided humanitarian aid to its residents.

The event was organized by the Irpin City Council with the support of the Ministry of Community Development, Territories and Infrastructure and the Verkhovna Rada Committee on State Power, Local Self-Government, Regional Development and Urban Planning. The ceremony was attended by diplomatic representatives of other countries, as well as representatives of humanitarian organizations.

After the liberation of Irpin, ADRA Ukraine carried out repair work in residential buildings, including roof restoration, facade work, delivery of building materials, repair of the boiler room and arrangement of a shelter for IDPs. The charitable organization delivered two generators to the local Invincibility Point. In addition, dozens of families in the town received certificates for construction materials.

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