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According to the Memorandum, the charitable organization will continue to support the Irpin community that suffered as a result of hostilities. In particular, as part of the project on housing restoration, the residents of Irpin, whose houses were damaged by rocket attacks, will receive certificates for the purchase of construction materials provided by ADRA Ukraine.

To apply for certificates, residents of Irpin can contact the following hotline numbers:
+38 067 333 17 52
+38 093 170 67 39
+38 050 615 57 50

Please, note that the generated list will be forwarded for further monitoring and verification concerning compliance with the criteria for provision of assistance.

In addition, within the framework of cooperation, ADRA Ukraine is ready to help several condominiums of Irpin to restore damaged roofs and insulate facades in accordance with the list formed in cooperation with the city authorities. In addition, the residents of Irpin and internally displaced persons living in the region will continue to receive humanitarian and social assistance from the organization.
We would like to remind that since the beginning of the full-scale war, ADRA Ukraine has already provided assistance to the residents of Irpin in the form of:

• 8,230 food kits;
• 306 basic rations;
• 500 sets of baby food;
• 8 tons of hygiene products;
• 7 tons of hygiene products for children;
• 6 tons of household chemicals;
• 13.5 tons of clothes.

Households of Irpin have also received certificates for the purchase of construction materials for the total amount of UAH 1,206,500.

The charitable organization continues to support the most vulnerable categories of the population throughout Ukraine every day and covers such areas of assistance as financial, food and non-food assistance, transport assistance (in the form of evacuation and provision of social transportation), psychological support and legal assistance, etc.

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