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Borys Voznytsky Charitable Foundation’s Support and Protection Center in Lviv receives people from the non-government territories and active combat zone. Since the very first day after its opening in June 2023, this transit shelter center, where people can stay up to 1-2 weeks, has helped more than 1,400 Ukrainian IDPs. Currently, up to 50 people, mostly women with children, elderly people and people with disabilities, are living there. ADRA Ukraine has been the shelter’s partner since its foundation offering support to enable continuous provision of assistance to so many IDPs.

Under the LEAP project supported by the Government of Canada, ADRA Ukraine has covered all utility costs, round-the-clock administrator duty costs, food costs, hygiene costs, housekeeping costs, transportation costs, psychological assistance costs, and many other important needs.

The purpose of the shelter is to provide people with everything they need immediately after evacuation, such as hot meals, comfortable beds, hygiene products, psychological support, and recruiter services. From time to time, master classes and entertainment events are organized here. The Borys Voznytsky Charitable Foundation’s team is making every effort to ensure that people who has love everything can regain strength, recover morally and physically and move on with confidence outside the shelter.

If you have any questions about evacuation or shelter accommodations, please call ADRA Ukraine’s hotline:
+38 067 333 17 52
+38 093 170 67 39
+38 050 615 57 50

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