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Liliia Postelniak, Donetsk region (Krasnohorivka)

On February 24, she and her family were in her native Krasnohorivka, Donetsk region. The man was planning to go to Poland to earn money, he had already bought a ticket, when in the morning the news came that the war had begun in Ukraine.

“At first we learned that Kharkiv region was shelled and that rockets had already arrived in Kyiv. Then we realized that it would be a full-scale invasion,” Liliia recalls.

Postelniaks decided to stay at home because Liliia had a small one-month-old baby in her arms. But a week later, shelling began in Donetsk region. According to Liliia, Mariinka was razed to the ground. Many people stayed in Krasnohorivka, including Liliia’s parents, but all of them are under constant shelling, in the basement, without water and electricity.

When the shelling became more often, Liliia and her husband decided to evacuate from Krasnohorivka. They left the apartment they had just bought and went with the child to relatives in Kyiv. They lived with their sister for two weeks, and then decided to look for an apartment to rent it. However, the family had no money at all.

A happy accident saved them. “I found out about ADRA Ukraine organization while I was still in my native village,” Liliia recalls. — And later, already in Kyiv, I contacted the hotline of the organization with a request to help us financially. And they gave us this assistance.” The funds were spent on rent of an apartment in the capital, as well as hygiene means for the child.

Later, Liliia was able to get a job at ADRA Ukraine, her candidacy was approved for the position of WFP Project Coordinator in Donetsk region.

“I express my sincere gratitude to the organization for assistance provided and that you believed in me and hired me. Now I have money to live on – you have become a real salvation for me!”

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