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On July 31, in Kyiv, ADRA Ukraine psychologists held one of the planned meetings for parents and children in the form of a thematic holiday. More than 100 people attended this meeting. Psychologists prepared a quest called “Five languages of love” for adults. The participants also attended an open-air lecture where psychologists conducted mini-trainings on stabilizing emotional state, relieving anxiety and regulating emotions. A play area with animators was organized for children. Each child received a sweet prize.

Psychologists note that such activities are extremely important today, they help to distract, relax, and get positive emotions from spending time together.

Just during last week, within the framework of DANIDA project, 448 new people have received psychological assistance, including women, men, people of retirement age and children. There were group and individual meetings with trainings for internally displaced women from the Eastern part of Ukraine, group classes for children on art therapy “Why are emotions so different?”, lectures “Post-trauma stress disorder prevention”, “Positive parenting skills and resources during war”. The project staff held seminars from the series “How to find peace of mind during war”, an evening with a psychologist in Zoom for members of Telegram support groups. We also implemented YouTube broadcast “How to change bad habits”, conducted trainings on the topic of emotional stress relief using art therapy.
In general, more than 4,000 people have already received psychological support since the beginning of the project.

Published On: 02.08.2022

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