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Here is a brief series of overviews about support and protection centers operating as part of ADRA Ukraine’s GFFO project implemented with the financial support of ADRA Deutschland.

Today we will tell you about the protection center in Vinnytsia, which has become a favorite spot for mothers and children affected by the hostilities.

Vinnytsia is the city that has welcomed probably the most IDPs in Ukraine, i.e. over 46 thousand people including 12 thousand children and 24 thousand women. The city was a target for one of the largest missile strikes since February 24th, 2022 and continues to suffer from the massive air raids up till today.

People, whose daily lives are badly affected by the war, desperately need support, comfort and help, and this is exactly what this protection center offers to each of its visitors.

Protection Center in Vinnytsia opened its doors in October 2022. It is located in the city downtown with the dense real estate development in the immediate vicinity to the social and administrative institutions. This is one of the reasons why this protection center is so popular. As of 01.08.2023, the center has received 1397 beneficiaries, including 968 people who received individual consultations and psychotherapeutic assistance. The protection center’s team has conducted 60 group sessions visited by over 370 people and referred 59 individuals to specialized care.

One of the most popular services offered by Vinnytsia Protection Center psychosocial support team is Support Group for Women Affected by War. During these meetings, the women receive psychological support and have a chance to share their concerns and worries. With support and facilitation of experienced mental health professionals, these women learn to cope with their emotional states, reduce anxiety and reintegrate into the society. Now, the Protection Center also offers outdoor “relax camp” meetings.

However, the Protection Center activities are not limited to psychosocial support only. The beneficiaries may also:

-Get professional online consultations by project lawyer Yevhen Strashko;
– Get the short-stay service, where a client may stay at a safe and comfortable place for up to 6 hours, which is enough for local authorities to find a suitable accommodations at a shelter;
– Use the Baby Care Room, where female clients may change and feed young children in private.
– Get referred for specialized medical or social care institution, where the Protection Centers pays for diagnostics, consultation and medical services;
– Use “Free Computer” service, where a visitor may use the Protection Center’s computers for online meeting, for searching of information, or for printing of documents.
– Charge mobile gadgets.
– The children pay also play in a special child play area or watch an interesting educational movie.

Beneficiaries informally refer to the Protection Center in Vinnytsia as “The Mommy’s Center”, since here they feel secure and comfortable as at home. Vinnytsia Protection Center is located at 18 Liali Ratushnoi Street and is happy to welcome everyone in need pf help, support and comfort.

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