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The application for the appointment of a pension is submitted to the territorial body of the Pension Fund of Ukraine through the structural division that performs reception and service of persons.

Restrictions and features of pension assignment established by the current legislation for internally displaced persons do not apply to persons who were internally displaced after February 24, 2022. The assignment of pensions to such persons takes place in the general order provided by the Resolution of the Board of the Pension Fund of Ukraine dated November 25, 2005 No. 22-1 “On approval of the Procedure for submission and processing of documents for assignment (recalculation) of pensions in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Mandatory State Pension Insurance”.

At any time after the right to a pension arises or no earlier than one month before reaching the retirement age, an IDP has the right to apply to the relevant territorial body of the Pension Fund of Ukraine and provide the following documents:

IDPs who moved before February 24, 2022. When applying for a pension and an identity document, territorial bodies of the Pension Fund of Ukraine identify the person of the applicant, record the place and time of his/her application, compare the received data with the data processed in the databases of the Pension Fund of Ukraine, taking into account the data of the Unified Information Database on Internally Displaced Persons in the order approved by the Pension Fund of Ukraine (paragraph 4 of clause 1 of the Resolution No. 637 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated November 5, 2014 “On the implementation of social payments to internally displaced persons”).

Starting from July 1, 2016, pension payments assigned to IDPs (who moved until February 24, 2022) are made through accounts and the network of PJSC “State Oshchad Bank of Ukraine”, in which the person must open an account.

In order to conclude an account opening agreement, an IDP who has been assigned a pension must contact the bank branch at the place of actual residence and submit the following documents:

  1. an identity document (passport);
  2. a certificate of identification number assignment;
  3. a certificate of receipt of pension;
  4. a certificate of registration of an internally displaced person.

Upon written application to persons with disabilities of group I and other persons who, according to the conclusion of the medical and advisory commission, are not capable of self-care and need constant third-party assistance, the payment will be made by the public joint-stock company “Ukrposhta” with delivery to the actual place of residence/stay of such persons .

The payment card to which the IDP pension is credited is simultaneously a pension certificate.

The validity period of the cards that are also pension certificates, is set to three years, provided that the client undergoes physical identification at the institutions of PJSC “State Oshchad Bank of Ukraine” every six months. After the card expires, it is reissued at the expense of the PJSC “State Oshchad Bank of Ukraine”.

Physical identification of a client who has opened a current account at PJSC “State Oshchad Bank of Ukraine” to receive a pension, before receiving a payment card, is carried out every three months from the day the account is opened or from the day of preliminary identification.

In case of questions, you can apply for legal assistance at the following address: Dnipro, Kozakova Str., 2-D (business center “Continent”, room 103) or by phone: +38 050 434 84 62. Free legal assistance for internally displaced persons is provided with the financial support of the German Federal Foreign Office), as well as ADRA Germany.

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