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Published On: 27.02.2023
Published On: 27.02.2023

Thousands of people in need, thousands of stories we come across as we support people. And with the permission of these people, we share their stories with the readers.


Oleksandr and his son left Vuhledar on March 17, 2022. During the full-scale invasion, Donetsk region was at the epicenter of hostilities, and Oleksandr’s first desire was to save his seven-year-old son.
“The head of our city warned that frequent shelling is possible, that there will be battles, so it is better to go to a safer place and wait out the trouble there,” Oleksandr recalls.
First, they went to Dnipro, and after some time, the man knew about the center for internally displaced persons in Bucha from the coordinator and volunteer of ADRA Ukraine charitable organization. The man knew about the organization itself for a long time, and that it provides assistance in various directions.
Oleksandr and his son moved to Bucha at the end of December and now live in this center for IDPs. The man did not even expect that there would be such good living conditions.
“We have our own room, Internet with uninterrupted power, gym and daily meals. When the lights are turned off, the generators work, so we are in completely comfortable conditions,” he says.
Oleksandr thanks everyone who has helped in setting up such a center for internally displaced people: “I don’t get tired of saying thank you, because I don’t know what we would do without you!”.


Oleksandr and his son have received assistance within the framework of the project with the support of partners – ADRA Network (ADRA Germany, ADRA China, ADRA Czech Republic, ADRA France, ADRA Italy, ADRA Norway, ADRA Portugal), as well as ADRA International.

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