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Psychologists of ADRA Ukraine conducted a group program “Evening of Hope” in Kalyta village, Kyiv region. The event that was held on November 13 within the framework of LEAP project with the support of the Canadian government was designed for people of different categories and age groups.

The program was held in the format “over a cup of tea” in order to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. An important part of the meeting was direct communication between people at the tables. The participants got to know each other, exchanged addresses and phone numbers, and together discussed issues that concern many. In “Advice of a Psychologist” section, ADRA Ukraine employees touched on current topics together with the participants and applied elements of “Unoccupied Souls” and “Positive Thinking” training.
Thanks to these activities, important questions were revealed: how to find support in adversity and how to learn to think positively.

Elements of music therapy and art therapy were also used in the program of the meeting. The participants shared their personal impressions and expressed gratitude for the event.

Charitable organization ADRA Ukraine within the framework of the project with the support of the Canadian government “Lifesaving evacuation, assistance and protection (LEAP) in Ukraine, Moldova, Romania” provides free psychological support to various categories of people affected by the military conflict.

You can apply for psychological help at the following phone numbers:
+38 050 010 4669
+38 050 010 5978

Or in the Telegram channel at the link:

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