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The Misto Dobra (The City of Good) shelter in Chernivtsi is a center for children and women facing difficult life circumstances: victims of violence and war victims, those in need of treatment and rehabilitation, those living below the poverty line and those who want to develop for the sake of their children. Since July of this year, ADRA Ukraine has been providing financial assistance to this shelter as part of the LEAP project supported by the Government of Canada, thanks to which the residents receive food, utilities, and psychological assistance.

Since the full-scale invasion, “the Misto Dobra” has sheltered over 3,000 people, with 320 children currently living here, including three evacuated orphanages from Odesa and Mykolaiv Regions. Today it is the largest shelter in Ukraine.

“the Misto Dobra provides individualized support to each child, depending on their needs. We offer a developmental space, creative and educational activities, proper nutrition, medical treatment, clothing and fulfillment of dreams for children. For their mothers, we provide comprehensive support program with psychologists, lawyers, mentors, and experts who will help them develop a plan for rehabilitation and a quality life outside the shelter.

the Misto Dobra also has a Tails dog shelter and a canine-assisted therapy center: here, children undergo rehabilitation during classes with trained therapy dogs, while other dogs receive care and a chance to find a loving family.

Now the next step is to open a children’s hospice and rehabilitation center, where children with the most severe diagnoses will be treated in a cozy environment using the most modern equipment.

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