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We continue a small series of articles about our protection centers operating within the framework of ADRA Ukraine’s GFFO project funded by ADRA Deutschland. Previously, we shared a bit about the Protection Center in Vinnytsia. Today we are going to tell you about ADRA Ukraine’s Center in Dnipro.

The walls of this center have seen the most tears and heard the most painful stories of loss and human grief. The Protection Center in Dnipro has become a stronghold for most internally displaced persons who had just been evacuated from the war zone. This is a transit center for their short-term stay.

This is the place where they receive legal support, comfort and reassurance by a psychologist, look for an accommodation with the support of a facilitator, buy tickets, put their children to bed, and simply heave a sigh of relief. Over time, each of the support center’s clients adapts to the new place and reduces situational anxiety, and no longer needs to visit the center as much, but the people who visited it in the most difficult times become our family and friends once and for all.

The Protection Service in Dnipro mostly provide services to people evacuated from the dangerous areas, but it’s still light and sunny. All the photos from this facility are extraordinary… And it’s not just because of the abundance of light – it is illuminated by care and sincere compassion. ADRA Ukraine’s Protection Center in Dnipro is a “ray of hope” for everyone who has ever entered its walls. Everyone who needs help and support in this difficult time is welcome here.

The Protection Center operates within the framework of the GFFO project implemented by ADRA Ukraine with the financial support of the German Federal Foreign Office and ADRA Germany.

The Center is located at: Dnipro, 2-D Kazakova Street, Offices 102-104.

Phone number:
+38 050 424 78 27

Psychologist: 050-367-15-72.
+38 050 367 15 72

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Protection and support center in Vinnytsia is informally called “The Mommy’s Center” for its comfort and convenient environment

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