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One of ADRA Ukraine’s current projects is to provide micro-grants to those organizations or institutions that have initiated their own humanitarian aid projects. At present, benefactors are already actively implementing 15 grant projects aimed at supporting the population in the most affected and hard-to-reach regions or helping those who have left these regions.

Due to the fighting in the formerly peaceful settlements of Ukraine, many citizens were forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in Western Ukraine. Therefore, the issue of organizing and creating temporary shelters for internally displaced persons has become acute.

Thus, in Chernivtsi region with the support of grants, accommodation centers provide assistance: “Your Camp” and Health Complex “Bukovynska Chereshenka”. Near Mukachevo – Sanatorium “Soniachni Karpaty” that receives and accommodates families for temporary residence.

Grant assistance has covered expenses on repair and construction of accommodation centers for reception of IDPs in such cities as Vinnytsia and Kamianets-Podilsky. The Boarding House “Barvinok” that is situated in Lviv region has received financial support. The Christian School “Shchaslyve Misto” in Tiachiv, Zakarpattia region receives and accommodates IDPs. The camp base in the village of Suvyd, Kyiv region, houses evacuees on a permanent and temporary basis.

Grant assistance has been received by Ukrainian Institute of Arts and Sciences, a private university, that is situated in Bucha, Kyiv region. The funds are used for material and technical support related to the delivery of humanitarian aid and restoration of campus property of the Institute damaged by the fighting. Victims of war receive assistance.

The public organization “Ia Buchanets” works in the Bucha city territorial community. Due to the grant, it rebuilds war-damaged homes and provides informational support to community residents.

Assistance to vulnerable groups in Zakarpattia region in the form of food and hygiene means is provided by Zakarpattia Regional Charitable Foundation “Caritas St. Martin”.

Clinic “Angelia” that provides medical support to affected Ukrainians has received a grant for further implementation of the Mobile Clinic project. Due to mobile trips, more people receive doctor’s consultations, test results, medical care and other assistance.

Charitable organization “Ie vykhid!” provides psychosocial assistance to internally displaced persons in Poltava region.

A branch office of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ukraine in the Eastern Dnipro region is setting up transit points to receive IDPs as well as evacuating people from the eastern and southern regions of the country. The Kyiv branch of this church is implementing a project that helps citizens of Kyiv and guests of the capital to adapt psychologically and emotionally to the crisis situation. The project also provides comprehensive assistance that covers the basic needs of people. The church branch in the Southern region provides food assistance to people affected by the war in cities of Mykolaiv, Odesa and Kherson regions.

Published On: 09.05.2022

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