Published On: 27.07.2022Categories: News

On July, 24, in Kyiv, the team of ADRA Ukraine psychologists organized another event aimed at providing psychological support to internally displaced persons from the Eastern part of Ukraine. The thematic program called “Fruit Evening” was aimed directly at women and included training from psychologists on how to create and maintain a good mood. The presenters talked about mood hormones, tactile expression of feelings and influence of hugs, and also showed practical exercises.

Participants learned useful information about importance of an active lifestyle and its impact on mood and mental state. They attended beautician’s masterclass, received recommendations for a favorite hobby from a handmade craftswoman.

The general atmosphere of care and warmth helped participants to show the whole range of emotions from tears to smiles. The team of psychologists have received positive feedback and wishes to continue such meetings in the future.

Just last week, psychologists within the framework of DANIDA project provided psychosocial support to 672 people affected by the war. There were meetings for children and teenagers, lectures for adults on such topics as “Anxiety disorders of children of primary school age”, “Overcoming adversity”, “Regulation of emotional state”, “How to cope with emotions”, “Survivor syndrome” and others. The project team has conducted the event for children and parents, art therapy for adults and a number of individual consultations.

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