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Published On: 12.10.2022
Published On: 12.10.2022

We hear thousands of stories of people in need whom we support. And with people’s permission, we tell them to readers.

During the entire period of hostilities, Liudmyla Deda and her family stayed in Kyiv. They firmly decided not to leave anywhere. But no one suspected how scary and morally difficult it would be for them during rocket attacks.

“There were loud explosions, and it seemed that this rocket was going to fall on our house. That this particular rocket would destroy our homes and take our lives. My nerves just couldn’t stand it…”, Liudmyla recalls.

The woman addressed for psychological support to Raisa Stepanivna, a psychologist, whom she had known for 10 years. During the first three meetings, Liudmyla felt much better. “Even the feeling I had as a child came back, the feeling of carefreeness,” the woman recalls.

According to her, such psychological consultations made it clear that despite very stressful circumstances, one can maintain self-control and control one’s emotions, and get joy from helping people with kind words and deeds.

The woman has also received food assistance from the organization because she lost her job after the start of the war and it was very difficult for her to feed her own family because Liudmyla is the only support of the family.

“I want to express my gratitude to ADRA Ukraine organization for the opportunity to receive free psychological support from Raisa Stepanivna. I didn’t tell anyone about it, I just imagined her – I really wanted to sit next to her and feel the warmth of her heart! And you have made my dream come true,” says Liudmyla.

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