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During all this period, assistance to victims of the war has been provided in several areas: food and non-food assistance, provision of medicines, evacuation, shelter and assistance in restoration of damaged buildings, repair of doors and more.

To date, about 4,500 people have been evaluated, more than 35,000 people have received temporary shelter, and more than 17,000 have received food assistance.

One of the areas of assistance is assistance in rebuilding houses and doors damaged as the result of the war.
Broken doors are being repaired, in particular in such cities as Bucha and Hostomel.
Project volunteers are engaged in top-dressing, installing, locking doors, as well as replacing door locks that have been damaged by burglary during the temporary occupation.
Preference is given to the most vulnerable categories of the population, including retirees, low-income and large families, people with disabilities and others.

Residents of three villages in Cherkasy region have received cash certificates for purchase of construction materials for the restoration of homes.
In Kyiv region, project volunteers have purchased and distributed essentials to rebuild damaged homes.

Due to “Hope for Ukraine” project, about 60,000 people have already received and continue to receive our assistance throughout Ukraine.

Published On: 23.06.2022

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